Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Taking The "This Sucks" Out of Reporting

How many of you have to delivery daily, weekly or monthly custom reports based on Google Analytics data? (If you aren't already, you should be!) We all know that it takes far too much time identifying, retrieving and manually compiling metrics and key performance indicators across multiple Google Analytics reports into a single-page, actionable report. In comes, AnalyticsView! EpikOne developed AnalyticsView to help the rapidly growing universe of Google Analytics users understand which metrics are most important to their online success and easily compile them into a valuable, single-page, custom report in seconds. Save time and wow your bosses and clients using AnalyticsView. Enjoy our free seven day trial today.


EpikOne New Client Announcement - TheKnot.com

It's that time of year. Brides are blissful, catering companies in full swing and people searching high and low for all things wedding. So, where do brides-to-be go online to find information about dresses, cakes, flowers, vows, invitations, etc? TheKnot.com of course! And EpikOne is going to make sure TheKnot.com is ready to analyze what content is most popular, which marketing mediums are most effective and how advertisers can get the most impact from their placements. TheKnot.com chose EpikOne to implement Google Analytics on their world famous wedding site to improve ongoing optimization efforts through web analytics.

Friday, September 5, 2008


EpikOne New Client Announcement - SONY BMG

What do Alicia Keys, AC/DC and Dido have in common? Well, for one they are all great musicians, but for EpikOne they are all part of a global analytics intiative we're spearheading for Sony BMG Music Entertainment. Sony BMG selected GAAC partners EpikOne for North America and KeyMetrics for Western Europe to launch Google Analytics across their global network of recording artist and label websites. After considering other leading web analytics software providers, they chose the combination of EpikOne, KeyMetrics and Google Analytics enabling them to allocate more resources to the people and process of analytics instead of hefty analytics software fees.

Friday, August 15, 2008


EpikOne New Client Announcement - BVLGARI

Italian luxury brand BVLGARI tapped into EpikOne's analytical expertise to improve the performance of their e-commerce website. The image-driven site showcasing their brand and products is now being tracked by Google Analytics and a team of analysts at EpikOne. After a thorough configuration of Google Analytics on the website and interfacing with teams in NYC and Rome, BVLGARI benefited from EpikOne's Discover Analytics solution, which provided a baseline foundation of metrics and actionable recommendations to ensure data-driven online optimization efforts moving forward.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Making the Move

Well, we are excited to announce that as of July 1 we have a new area code and brand new digs. We've vacated our warehouse space that got us started as an e-commerce consulting and fulfillment company to a fancy new office with 20X more windows than we have now (no joke!)

Our new space at 7 Kilburn St. in Burlington gives us ample space to stretch the legs, think more clearly and enjoy the beautiful scenes of downtown Burlington.

Check out some of the amateur iPhone photos to see more of our culture.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Press: Epik CEO Featured in AP Article

A recent AP article Defying the surveys and statistics, some small companies are expanding their payrolls article by Joyce M. Rosenberg, Epik CEO Dave Winslow discusses the topic of growing in a soft economy. In the article Dave makes reference to the fact that businesses will be looking for new opportunities after a disappointing holiday season, "'After the holiday season we saw a lot more inquiries,” Winslow said. This past holiday season was a huge disappointment for many retailers, offline and online, and prompted many to seek help from small businesses like Epik One."

The article was featured in the Press Room on the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship and can be viewed at http://sbc.senate.gov/press/record_article.cfm?id=295909&&

For more information, please get in touch with Epik or Dave here.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Christian Science Monitor Interviews Epik About Growing in a Recession

Dave Winslow, CEO of Epik, was interviewed by the Christian Science Monitor for a feature business story on the recent layoff news. The article, Amid layoff news, many companies are still hiring by Ron Scherer, highlighted various companies continuing to grow given the current economic conditions.

Notes from the story included:
"From his vantage point, David Winslow does not see a recession or rising unemployment rate. Instead, the founder of a software company in Burlington, Vt., sees a hiring opportunity."

"Epik expects to grow from 20 employees at the beginning of the year to 40 by year's end.
Winslow's company is far from unique."

"Around the nation, a wide range of companies are still hiring. Some of the new jobs are even in areas that are shrinking, such as financial services. Some positions require advanced degrees, but a variety of skill levels are in demand. High-tech companies, including Epik, are especially looking for workers."

For the full article visit the CSM Online.