Saturday, July 29, 2006

Server Load Balancing with Urchin

Urchin Software Question and Answer:
Do I need a Load Balancing Module?

We often get questions concerning Urchin Load balancing module. Many customers are unsure if they actually need a load balancing module. The Load Balancing Module simply provides you with the ability to add another log source to your profiles, rather than being limited to only 1 log source per profile. It also allows Urchin to correlate visitors that may have hit more than 1 server in the server farm during their visit.

For example, if your site is load-balanced over 3 servers, you would need the Urchin 5 base product plus two load balancing modules.

We have heard of people concatinating log files into a single file and then having Urchin process that single file. The results have been mixed.